Water chemistry prelim notes

This means they move more and faster and have a greater chance of colliding sooner. Perform an investigation involving calculations of the density of water as a liquid and a solid using: Polymers—Large chained molecules that have a repeating pattern in their arrangement.

This is important in internal combustion engines and industrial combustion of fuels, where complete combustion is desirable. These cohesive forces attractive forces between like molecules cause the droplet to assume a spherical like shape to minimize the surface area. Glucose are usually soluble in water Most covalent molecular substances e.

Detecting radiation helps locate oil wells. Many drinks that humans use are aqueous solutions, as there are many household products such as bleaches, disinfectants, cleaning agents and some medicines.

HSC Chemistry – Chemical Monitoring and Management – dot point notes

At a given temperature, intensity of radiation emitted increases with decrease of wavelength, reaches a maximum value at a given wavelength and then starts decreasing with further decrease of wavelength something like a bell curve.

It is necessary to burn as little oil as possible and stop the combustion when it is sufficient. That is why aqueous ammonia is known as a weak alkali with a pH of about 9.

You may like to: Water is the most widely used solvent used by humans and by nature. Ionic Formulae and Common Compounds Can you quickly work out the formula of an ionic compound from its name? A solution where the solvent Is water Is called aqueous solution 1. AHA Delta H for this change is positive because the chemicals have gained energy Examples of endothermic reactions are melting ice, evaporating liquid water 5.

He researched atomic bomb for Germany during WW2 Electrons wave-like properties are utilized in electron microscope, it can give a magnification of about 15 million times. Polymerisation over an acidic catalyst under pressure and temperature, can convert light unsaturated hydrocarbon molecules e.

Industry uses aqueous solutions of acids and alkalies and often makes or extracts products from aqueous solutions Sand has structure of Is and O atoms covalently bonded together Cannot be dissolved in water, held by covalent bonds that water cannot break Insoluble in water because it is a non-polar compound meaning water cannot form hydrogen bonds or dipole-dipole interactions 3.

Therefore, the water molecule is a polar molecule with a net dipole 2.Past paper CHemistry Year 11 Preliminary HSC. Save. SBHS Preliminary Chemistry Yearly Ex. HSC Course. This site has been created by Peter Wilkinson, Senior Science teacher at St.

Francis Xavier's College, Hamilton. This web is an ongoing project and contains the author's own work. HSC Chemistry – Chemical Monitoring and Management syllabus dot point summary. This is a set of HSC Chemistry notes for each syllabus dot-point of Chemical Monitoring and Management.


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Patterns in Nature Biology Notes. KISS Notes Electrical Energy in the Home. Preliminary Chemistry Notes. Documents Similar To HSC Preliminary chemistry Water notes. Chemical Earth Notes. Uploaded by. Catherine Lai. Y11 Chemistry Topic 4 Summary - 5/5(6).

Chemistry Preliminary Course 13 Acids and bases: Bronsted/Lowry definition. Bronsted/Lowry Acid (HA): An acid is a species which donates a proton Bronsted/Lowry Base (B): A base is a species which accepts a proton. These definitions are quite general and refer to the.

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Water chemistry prelim notes
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