The risk and consequences women face during abortion

This is particularly so as the Commission of Inquiry into the Operation and Consequences of the Abortion Act 16 heard as long ago as from witnesses who were members of the Royal College of Psychiatrists that 'although the majority of abortions are carried out on the grounds of danger to the mother's mental health, there is no psychiatric justification for abortion'.

British Journal of Cancer The person is seemingly on permanent alert for threats of danger. The first found that the risk of death following abortion remains higher in each of the first ten years following the abortion.

Changes in appetite, sleep, and energy. Techniques, Risks, and Complications and Their Management.

Abortion Emotional Side Effects

JP Wolff, et al. Studies reveal that the long-term physical and psychological consequences of abortion include an increased risk of: As with other surgical procedures, anesthesia increases the risk of complications associated with abortion.

University Publications of America, The leading causes of abortion related maternal deaths within a week of the surgery are hemorrhage, infection, embolism, anesthesia, and undiagnosed ectopic pregnancies.

Comparison of complication rates in first trimester abortions performed by physician assistants and physicians. Institute for Pregnancy Loss, The lifetime costs of care when a baby is born with such disabilities are considerable.

Emboli blood clots affecting the heart and brain ; Eclampsia high blood pressure complications affecting pregnancy ; Heavy bleeding Hemorrhage ; Cerebral vascular accidents stroke, bleeding in the brain ; and Anesthesia-related deaths. Supply and Services, pp. An incomplete abortion outlines that part of the fetus, or other products of pregnancy placentamay not drain completely from the uterus, requiring further medical procedures.

The damage in the cervix takes forever to heal and can be horrifyingly painful.

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Harper and Row, Seven published studies found a 'dose-response' effect: Blood clots that cause severe cramping occur in about 1 percent of all abortions. Women who have had a first full-term pregnancy at an early age have reduced risks of breast, ovarian and endometrial cancer.

J Reproductive Med ; Reproductive outcomes following induced abortion: In addition, be sure to discuss any problems you had in any previous pregnancy.

This disability may, therefore, provide grounds for an extended statutory period. Continuing your pregnancy also includes a risk of experiencing complications that are not always life-threatening.

A possible hysterectomy as a result of complication or injury during the procedure. Symptoms of intrusion in PAS cases include: This is more likely to affect women who have had multiple surgical abortions.

If the woman has repeatedly been a victim of domineering abuse, such an unwanted abortion may be perceived as the ultimate violation in a life characterized by abuse. J Reproductive Med ; She may also experience a sense of emptiness or guilt, wondering whether or not her decision was correct.

Treating the underlying cause of the anemia will help restore the number of healthy red blood cells. Also, it does not mark a new menstrual cycle because the hormones are not adjusted as they would be in normal conditions.

Complications associated with an abortion or having many abortions may make it difficult to have children. Abortion is significantly related to an increased risk of subsequent ectopic pregnancies.

One out of 8, women dies from pregnancy complications. Select Page Below is a description of the immediate abortion risks:Summary of Known Health-Risks of Abortion: How Abortion Harms Women and Babies born with a VLBW face many health consequences and have an abortion, a woman’s risk of Placenta Previa is (OR) compared with women who do not have an abortion The physical side effects after an abortion can vary from woman to woman and there are potential side effects and risks that you should be aware of.

It is important to talk to a health professional as well as the doctor who will perform your abortion about possible side effects. All women, especially young teenagers, are at risk for damage to their cervix during an abortion, which can lead to complications with later pregnancies.

(Kenneth Schultz, The Lancet, ) Abortion puts a woman at increased risk for complications in later pregnancies. Pregnant teens have a higher risk of getting high blood pressure-- called pregnancy-induced hypertension-- than pregnant women in their 20s or 30s. They also have a higher risk of preeclampsia.

Women with a history of one abortion face a times higher risk of having cervical cancer, compared to women with no history of abortion. Women with two or more abortions face a relative risk. Yet this risk is less than 1 percent if a woman takes certain HIV medicines during pregnancy.

Women who have HIV and want to become pregnant should talk to their doctors before trying to conceive. Good prenatal care will help protect a woman's baby from HIV and keep her healthy.

The risk and consequences women face during abortion
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