Scrapping the mining tax

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This version adds real teeth to the private anti-trust suits, making them much more frequent and for vastly larger damage sums, even for small companies with bad credit that could hardly pay legal fees to sue your Behemoth Industrial Co.

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The mining tax repeal passed the Senate late Thursday night and will now go back to the House of Representatives on Friday, where the government will have to decide whether to accept its amended form.

Oil tax: Norway could teach Australia a thing or two about managing wealth

Even if you fall afoul of the law, you may make so much money trading off the insider tips that you can afford to pay the fine, like so many real corporate raiders and stock manipulators.

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Government to drop Medicare levy rise

However, obtaining such lucrative "insider information" is, of course, highly illegal, not to mention unethical and immoral, and there is always an outside chance that your informant may be arrested and "rat you out," or your phone may be tapped by the authorities, in which case your wrongdoing would be discovered and you would face massive fines.

Unfortunately, I won't be at the helm to see the project to fruition," said Mr McIlwain. But is it really so controversial? This will leave the budget in a significantly better fiscal position".

When Labor announced the Schoolkids Bonus, it was not a new program but was slated to replace an existing education tax refund paid through the taxation system.

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SCRAPPING THE MINING TAX- IS IT GOOD OR BAD? Executive summary Introduction The Australian governments mining tax, the mineral resource rent tax (MRRT) has always been under the radar for its ever changing policies.

Senate votes to scrap mining tax but keep the spending it funded

It is very easy to pint out its significant issues, but reforming the tax is quite a major task at hand. Be sure to see the Big Muskie Picture Page Other Big Muskie Links - now including links to other giant draglines and shovels Links to Government Officials and News Media Big Muskie's bucket being moved to a final memorial site near McConnelsville, Ohio.

The Abbott government has moved to repeal Labor’s controversial mining tax, releasing draft legislation to abolish the tax from July 1, ‘‘The minerals resource rent tax (MRRT) is a. The Ministry of Energy and Power Development successfully launched the prepaid metering technology that is replacing the conventional billing system that had been posing challenges to the Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC), a subsidiary of ZESA Holdings.

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Scrapping the mining tax
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