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In Bordeaux, on 9 Octoberhe gave his principal speech: Under Article Two, the president could now serve an unlimited number of year terms. He had an affair with the actress Rachelthe most famous French actress of the period, during her tours to Britain. Louis-Napoleon was told that he could join the French Army if he would simply change his name, something he indignantly refused to do.

He had inherited a large fortune from his mother, and took a house with seventeen servants and several of his old friends and fellow conspirators. Under the new document, Louis-Napoleon was automatically reelected as president.

The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte

Romantic revolutionary —35 [ edit ] When Louis-Napoleon was fifteen, Hortense moved to Rome, where the Bonapartes had a villa. The constitution was retained; it concentrated so much power in Napoleon's hands that the only substantive change was to replace the word "president" with the word "emperor.

Under Article Two, the president could now serve an unlimited number of year terms. Louis-Napoleon was widely expected to win, but the size of his victory surprised almost everyone. He spoke rarely in the Assembly, but, because of his name, had enormous popularity in the country.

He contributed articles to regional newspapers and magazines in towns all over France, becoming quite well known as a writer. He received some of his education in Germany at the gymnasium school at AugsburgBavaria. Another way in which Louis Napoleon was successful was because he was able to consolidate his power but still remain popular with the people.

Presidency On hearing of the outbreak of the revolution, in Februaryhe travelled to Paris but was sent back by the provisional government.

Louis Napoleon Bonaparte

In Napoleon III had started setting up a new constitution which came into effect in January ; it consisted of two chambers, the Corps Legislatif and the senate but both had little power as they were only consultative and they were full of government placemen who were people who had been given jobs in return for their support.

The Assembly however rejected his proposal and a military coup was inevitable. He called for a "Monarchy which procures the advantages of the Republic without the inconveniences", a regime "strong without despotism, free without anarchy, independent without conquest.

The prefecture was seized, and the prefect arrested. Following the election, the Prince-President went on a triumphal national tour. He was aware that the popularity of Napoleon Bonaparte was steadily increasing in France; the Emperor was the subject of heroic poems, books and plays.

Consequently because of these economic and social schemes Napoleon did partly manage to fulfil his aims of achieving greater wealth through his supply of cheap credit; however as will be seen he did not manage properly help the poor through his urban renewal schemes. About 26, people were arrested, including 4, in Paris alone.

Despite the conclusion of an Anglo-French commercial treaty inthey remained suspicious and apprehensively watched his construction of armoured warships and his colonial and oriental policies.

He intensified the extension of French power in Indochina and West Africa.Napoleon Bonaparte Essay - Napoleon Bonaparte Napoleon Bonaparte was born at Ajaccio, in Corsica, on August 15,of a good family in a well-established position. Louis Bonaparte served as king of Holland from toand Hortense de Beauharnais Bonaparte was the stepdaughter of Napoleon I.

Louis-Napoleon's parents had been made king and queen of Born: Apr 20, Essay Napoleon: Louis Xvi of France and Napoleon Napoleon Revolution comes with the progression of freedoms and the equality of people.

Napoleon III

Parity among people. In historiography: Marxist historiography Brumaire des Louis Napoleon (; The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte), several classes, not just two, played important roles, and the political skill of Napoleon III is acknowledged—albeit grudgingly—as joeshammas.comgh some Marxist historians may still maintain a residual allegiance to the notion that ideas are a mere.

Louis Napoleon was a French military and political leader, who rose during the end stages of the French Revolution.

He started and was raised in exile and through determination, hard work, and passion he became the President and then Emperor of France. Napoleon III (born Charles-Louis Napoléon Bonaparte; 20 April – 9 January ) was the Emperor of the French from to and, as Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte, the Mother: Hortense de Beauharnais.

Louis napoleon essay
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