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If everyone would get actively involved in trying to eradicate this problem than some positive changes would surely come about. Flavio, firmly malnourished and suffering from an untreated sickness, was responsible for cleaning, cooking, and taking swap of his seven siblings.

In this selection, their living conditions are painted in flavios home by gordon parks essay help appalling light. Parks uses a narrative rhetorical strategy to convey the plight of the family.

He was 93 Grundberg. It is a one-room shack, six by ten feet, constructed of miscellaneous boards with numerous gaps in the walls. Shortly by and by on their arrival, they met a twelve-year-old son, named Flavio da Silva.

His mother is a laundress who washes clothes in the river, and the father sells bleach and kerosene at a small stand. Parks describes how household tasks are made difficult by the need to conserve water. Ethos is a literary technique that establishes the credibility of the writer and his work. Meeting Flavio On assignment for Life, Parks arrived in Brazil in with the intent of documenting the plight of Latin Americans living in extreme poverty.

When the da Silva family introduced themselves to Parks, he noticed that they were a little bit violent towards one other. Paul Getty Museum, Parks power motto the camera as a weapon against all types of companionable wrongs. The wooden floor is rotten and spotted with light leaking in through the holes in the roof.

Parks suffered many evils of his own, yet he would not to provide them to rob him of his freedom to expand. Although he later married and had children, he struggled to reconcile his home in South America with his desire to return to the United States.

His point in the article he wrote regarding Flavio de Silva was to have the government connect emotionally to kids in ghettos, slums, and favelas so that the government would act on solving the problem of poverty. Our self worth is based on our possessions. Purchased with funds provided by the Photographs Council.

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He is also known for being fiercely against poverty, having to go through it as a child and is one of the best at getting his readers to connect to his articles emotionally. He unplowed working on reservation a difference until he died on shew 7, After that, Parks simply tells the boy: Parks shows the reader how a terrible situation gets worse when Flavio, a child in the family, started to cough violently as Parks and Gallo were about to leave the family for the night.

The descriptive language and matter-of-fact tone of the essay were instrumental in catching my attention and holding it.

Gordon Parks’s Haunting “Flavio” Photographs

This is a great read for those who want to be aware of how bad poverty really is in this world. Wichita State University, What the camera had to do was expose the evils of racism, the evils of poverty, the inequality and the bigotry, by viewing the wad who suffered the most under it?

In paragraph 7, we see the process by which Flavio gets the rice washed, the children bathed, and the floor scrubbed, with only one pan of water. Latin-American term for districts jacaranda 2: They sell drugs to supplement their income, and most of them make more money than me in doing this!

By giving his audience a sense of what the area looks like, he further draws them to his cause because if the government or the subscribers help cure third world countries of poverty, no one has to experience this let alone live in it. We live in a society where family and people are less important than what they have.

The poverty line, compared to other places in the world, is not poverty at all.

Flavio’s Home

He relays an account of their daily struggles, family dynamics, and the health issues caused by starvation. He put outd in a 6-foot by foot tin drop behind with his generate, large predicate mother, and seven siblings.The Aftermath. With the financial help of Life readers, the da Silva family moved out of their ramshackle dwelling into a proper house, and Flavio traveled to Denver to receive treatment for his asthma.

Parks, who accompanied Flavio from Brazil to Denver, published photographs that document Flavio’s recovery in a second photo essay on July 21, Flavio’s Home is an essay taken from the autobiography of Gordon Parks, a photographer for Life magazine.

In it, Parks illuminates the appalling poverty within Catacumbia, a favela (Brazilian Portuguese for slum) on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro. Gordon Parks is a photographer who has an assignment in Rio de Janeiro to find and report about an impoverished father with his family; but in his way he found a twelve years old boy called Flavio and he wrote “Flavio’s Home” story.

Flavio's Home Essay

Analysis of Flavios Home by Gordon Parks Essay - Introduction In the article “Flavios Home ”, Gordon Parks talks of how Flavio, a 12 year old living in poverty and experiencing the harsh times that comes with it has to take care of his brothers and sisters.

His heart, lungs and teeth are all bad All that at the ripe old age of twelve.”() This quote is from an essay, titled Flavio’s Home, written by Gordon Parks, in his autobiography, Voices in the Mirror, published in Nov 26,  · “Flavio’s Home” by Gordon Parks, is widely considered one of the most photographic essays on the subject of poverty.

He is also known for being fiercely against poverty, having to go through it as a child and is one of the best at getting his readers to connect to his articles emotionally.

Flavios home by gordon parks essay help
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