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This difference lies in the foundation upon which these codes are based. As a result, serving the monarch was always linked with serving parents and elder brothers.

What were the Ethics comparison that distinguished "the best of men"? Mu Shu held that only those who accomplished and actually performed these deeds could be immortal.

With his belief in the patriarchal social order he tried to understand and explain the concrete position and relation of individuals within society so as to develop a sense of historical direction based on human relations. Footnote 1 "Sustainable development" is the challenge of meeting human needs for natural resources, industrial products, Ethics comparison, food, transportation, shelter, and effective waste management while conserving and protecting environmental quality and the natural resource base Ethics comparison for future development.

The ten tribes bore the major civic burdens: Filial piety requires that sons respect and support their parents, never disobey their will, and treat them according to Li II,7. It is created with the purpose of maintaining social order, peace, justice in the society and to provide protection to the general public and safeguard their interest.

The method used in analyzing both ethics is the evaluation method. The principles help us in making decisions regarding, what is right or wrong. I have more problems with SUV's and other large cars that compromise the safety of the rest of the road: In both mission descriptions, there is the issue of promoting their counseling members, which is one of the key similarities in both.

Abstract Enhancement of human development throughout the life span counts on the moral or ethical counseling. Engineers shall conform with state registration laws in the practice of engineering. He said, "What is Ren? This paper compares and contrasts the codes of ethics of these two organizations in several levels or areas of the two organizations.

It does not hold true if the two requirements are in conflict. There are two main sections on this paper. The essence of his doctrine was the harmonization of social relations among people, among clans, and among the social classes.

Engineers shall not request, propose, or accept a commission on a contingent basis under circumstances in which their judgment may be compromised.

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Socrates seems to have held that all the cardinal virtues wisdom, moderation, justice, courage, and piety are on the deepest level one. If some cars are significantly more safe than others, are engineers violating any ethical standards in designing cars that are not as safe as they could be?

In ACA, early warning gets prepared and the counselor is warned about the danger anticipated. He replaced the four clans with ten artificial tribes deliberately constructed to cut across all the traditional divisions--familial, geographic, and economic.

In China the upheavals of the Spring and Autumn Period prompted reflection on morality as the key to the restoration of social unity.

Difference Between Ethics and Values

Deontology It concentrates on the correctness and wrongness of actions based on how well the rules of duty and responsibility were followed. His ethical ideas bore the characteristics of patriarchal hierarchy and were once tools for feudalists.

Ethics morals values and dispositions comparison essay

Reasonable It states that an action is morally right if and only if it has the best consequence. Engineers using designs supplied by a client recognize that the designs remain the property of the client and may not be duplicated by the engineer for others without express permission.

The law creates a legal binding, but ethics has no such binding on the people. As a transcendent virtue, moderation meant that while acting morally on various occasions a person had to have control and not carry it to an extreme, i.

Comparison of Answers to Sustainability Questions

Engineers in private practice shall not review the work of another engineer for the same client, except with the knowledge of such engineer, or unless the connection Ethics comparison such engineer with the work has been terminated. These various meanings represent different aspects of Ren: It states that the morally right action is the one with the best consequence.

These statements imply that both codes of ethics are held with high respect and honor in their respective organizations. The engineers are not forcing anyone to drive unsafe cars, they are just enabling people to decide how much value their own safety In crash tests people outside the car are not considered.

Although, both the law and ethics are made in alignment so that they do Ethics comparison contradict each other. It should also be wide in scope as to cover every necessary area or aspect of the organization under which it serves.

Further, these two allow a person to think freely and choose. The employer should indemnify the engineer for use of the information for any purpose other than the original purpose.

Confucius said, "How transcendent is the moral power of the middle way!Code of Ethics Comparison Abstract This paper is a comparison between the codes of ethics of the American Counseling Association (ACA) and the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC)  · 2 company codes of conduct and international standards: an analytical comparison ventions and Recommendations, and the UN Norms on the Responsi- bilities of Transnational Corporations and Other Business Basis for Comparison Morals Ethics; Meaning: Morals are the beliefs of the individual or group as to what is right or wrong.

Ethics are the guiding principles which help. Code of Ethics Comparison Abstract This paper is a comparison between the codes of ethics of the American Counseling Association (ACA) and the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC). This paper aims to present the similarities and differences between the two codes of ethics.

· Ethics and morals relate to “right” and “wrong” conduct. While they are sometimes used interchangeably, they are different: ethics refer to rules provided by an external source, e.g., codes of conduct in workplaces or principles in refer Code of Ethics Analysis Paper This paper compares and contrast codes of ethics as addressed by the American Counseling Association and the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC).

Ethics comparison
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