A personal story on abortion

I discovered I was pregnant fairly early on, but I was just under 12 weeks when I had the procedure and I have never regretted it. After a couple of pregnancy tests, though, the doctor confirmed that my mother had been right.

The procedure wasn't painful, although it was upsetting that my boyfriend had to wait in the reception - it was quite a lonely experience. Here I had a husband and two very beautiful children, and I still felt like something was missing. Alison Boyd, 31 Nurse specialist I became pregnant in very unfortunate circumstances.

I was all set to attend university, and had been offered a conditional place at Oxford, so I was working really hard. Yet, Jennifer was in my office crying about a terrible burden she must talk through.

Oh, give me back my joy again; you have broken me—now let me rejoice. On what must have been the last occasion that we had sex though - just before we broke up - I became pregnant. I was hugely put off - despairing, really - but a friend encouraged me to see another doctor, who was much better.

Overall then, despite visiting the doctor in the first few weeks of pregnancy, it was about 10 weeks later that the abortion took place. She needs compassion… not judgment.

Abortion Stories

I returned to my doctor, who said that I had nothing to worry about - it was probably due to the hormonal changes of stopping my oral contraception. When I cry about it, I cry alone. After spending two days with Sydna, I now consider her a friend. I also purchased a test, as I was 8 weeks late for my period.

Please know that I will be praying for you. A new story on abortion and ministry is listed below. I had very supportive friends, and my ex-boyfriend came to see me and said he would help me with whatever I decided.

We have a unique email prayer ministry below where you can seek prayers or you may join us as we pray and write to others. They currently reside in Springdale, Arkansas. Cath Elliott, 41 Community librarian I had an abortion back inwhen I was Below are references from some who have had Sydna as a pregnancy center banquet speaker or a keynote speaker at their events: The fact is that, for me, it was the only thing I could have done.

Oh, give me back my joy again; you have broken me—now let me rejoice. Setting up the procedure was fairly straightforward and I had an early medical abortion at six weeks - the process is that you go in on the first day and take a tablet, and a few days later you insert a tampon that is infused with another drug.

All too often, what you read about abortion boils down to a shouting match between pro-choice and pro-life extremists. I made my decision immediately and never questioned. I was fully conscious throughout - I think I was offered a general anaesthetic, but I didn't want an overnight stay - and I have to say I was shocked by how violent the procedure was.

Setting up the abortion was fairly straightforward and I had a surgical procedure at a Marie Stopes clinic paid for by the NHS at eight weeks pregnant.

Abortion: A Personal Story

It got to the point where different doctors were streaming in and out of the room to see how many fingers they could put in. It was fairly straightforward, but I am well aware that this can be impossible for other people, because there's not just the cost of the procedure to cover - you have to factor in the cost of the flights and subsistence too.

A Personal Abortion Story by Sydna Masse

I wouldn't say that I ever felt relieved, because, although I had only known for three weeks that I was pregnant, my body had known for four and a half months.Use the form below to find specific types of testimonies. You can also search by Country, State and Language.

Click on the blue text below to read story. Fifteen years ago, when I was 17, I had to have a late-term abortion at 21 weeks.

This was obviously hugely upsetting, but particularly because I had always been very conscientious about. Patient Stories Home / Education & Advocacy / About Abortion / Patient Stories A woman who chooses to have an abortion does so for many different reasons based on her individual circumstances.

On November 5, George W. Bush signed the first federal ban on any abortion procedure in the 30 years since Roe v.

Abortion: A Personal Story

Wade, and the first ban of a surgical technique in the history of this country. “I’m pleased that all of you have joined us as the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act. Abortion: A Personal Story Jennifer (name changed) was an active member of our congregation, manager of a staff of nurses in a metropolitan hospital and conscientious single mother of a beautiful eight-year-old girl.

Nov 10,  · Wade, the Supreme Court was qualified in its judgment: An abortion was a personal decision only in the first trimester; in the second, states could intervene on behalf of the woman’s health; once the fetus was considered “viable,” a state could set whatever limitations it saw fit.

A personal story on abortion
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